Benefits of Kajabi platform

Benefits of Kajabi platform

benefits of kajabi platform
kajabi web design

Kajabi is an online platform designed. For the average non-techie person to build launched grow and enjoy. A profitable online business easily and affordably. Now I personally use kajabi to run my seven-figure business and I recommend it. To everybody who’s running an online business or thinking about starting an online business. Especially if you’re going to be starting an online business kajabi is the best platform for you. And some people are confused kajabi is more than just a place to upload and host. Your online course or membership site it is a place to do email marketing build landing pages. Build webinars collect payment do payment plans and even host. Your main website and when I started my online business way back in 2009.

I had to duct-tape basically a bunch of different pieces of software together for this process to work to be able. To build and sell and deliver my online products and it worked but it was janky. These days virtually all of my businesses multiple businesses are run. On kajabi and the best part it’s easier and cheaper than what I was doing in the past. So what I thought I’d do today in this video is actually show you. Take you behind the scenes and show you how I’m running my business. The recording revolution on kajabi so literally will go into my kajabi back in and show you. How I use it to give you some ideas . If you’re brand, new of what it actually looks like and how it works. And then to if you’re newer to kajabi how to think about using in a lot of different ways. Because I use kajabi in a lot of different ways. And finally if you’re actually interested in trying out kajabi for free, I’ve got a link in this video description. And below here where you can try it out for a 28-day. Free trial and take what they call the 28-day challenge. Which is not only a free trial. But it’s training and videos to help you get your business up and running the first 28,days. Now full disclosure it’s an affiliate link. So if you choose to actually join kajabi. After the free trial your payment will actually support me. But if you don’t hey no hard feelings, either way you need to use this platform. Because it’s simply the best one out there. So let’s jump in to the kajabi back in. And I’ll show you how I’m using it. So once you log into kajabi you’re gonna. See some stats on your dashboard of how many people have left a comment or opted in, or how much money you’ve made in the last 30 days. So give you a little at glance how things are going. But most of kajabi is broken up into four categories. Your website your products and offers which, I’ll explain that in a minute. your,marketing tools and then people I mean,this is a CRM this is a customer,platform you can keep track of all your,customers and manage them all inside of,kajabi so Let’s look at website first you can literally build your whole site on this platform. So if you choose to actually build and host your main website, you would do it here. Under website you’ve got your blog here. Where you’ll be able to then add a new post for your blog or your product or video. But then there’s a page builder and under page builder this is where you can.

benefits of kajabi platform
kajabi web design

Create landing pages okay I’ve got all kinds of landing pages. Thank You pages, opt-in pages, sales pages, sneak peeks for products. When I’m doing a launch see special deals special promo pages all kinds of stuff. If you want to have a basically a let’s look at this. Let’s preview this if you want to have a landing page. That can hold a video or multiple videos you can do all of this. Inside of kajabi it removes the need for anything like lead pages or any of these. Other competitors that I’ve used to pay for because you can make a ton. If not unlimited depending on your plan, landing pages to upload video. And again the video you upload is hosted for free. In Wistia on your behalf paid for by kajabi. So you can upload unlimited videos and create simple pages if you want. To send somebody to a free bonus video that’s hidden you can create a custom link here. Upload a video etc and so what you could do here is look like. I want to make a new page to host something. You click new page, and they’ve got a bunch of themes. What do you want your page to look like right now you can start with these templates. That are already designed for you. Which is incredible and you just change the text, change the hero image, upload a different video. So you can kind of get a feel for what kind of page you want. Or you can use their premier landing page or really it’s a page builder. You can do this for your whole website at sales page as well. And what premier does if we call, this a test premiere is. It’s like Squarespace inside of kajabi. It’s like any of the big drag and drop builders of WordPress. Inside of kajabi it’s a visual drag and drop website builder. So you can create different sections. So this is the standard stuff to give you, but you can either click Edit to just type in something different. You know this is a test page click Save see you can add background video to this section. You can change the title, you can change these images right we can either. Show the image or take off the image we can upload our own image. We can change the width, we can change the title or you can just get rid of these sections. Altogether let’s say below the hero you don’t want the feature section. You can either hide that and it disappears, or you can add a new section. And then you’ve got everything from assessments blog posts a countdown time. Or a call-to-action button Facebook comments, an event video custom content can be. Whatever you want you can have a hero image, regular image. YouTube live embedded offer buttons opt-in form for your things. So let’s say we wanted to put pricing here. Click Add and this is where you can have like your different prices. Let’s say, this were a sales page right and then. Now we can drag this up to be right underneath the hero image. So now I’ve got the pricing table right below my hero image, and of course you can change the logo and stuff. So premiere is like a builder of your page. So I use this to make custom pages all the time. Let’s leave that we don’t need to save that. So you can use kajabi just to make all your landing pages. And you can use it to host your own website and you can change the themes you can make it. Whatever you want which is incredible. Now the big part of kajabi is really selling your product. So if you go to the product section, this is where you gonna be able to create your product. So here inside of recording revolution. I’ve got total home recording or you think mixing jumpsuit series audio income product. All kinds of products right webinars, we did with products these are all the things. That I sell day and day out inside of kajabi. And the products themselves are they could be courses, they can be membership sites. And you can create new ones. When you create a new product they have a bunch of blueprints, which is really cool. Do you want to create a community like a membership site? Where it’s like a private Facebook group. That’s type of product a mini course okay it’s gonna be very simple, a full fledged online course. Do you want to make a membership site? Whatever you want to create, so if we created mini course. Let’s say it’s going to yeah we’ll just call it a mini course. For now it’s going to populate all the different pages, and posts that you would want and design. It is a basic way now a mini course is gonna be really simple. Probably will have a lot of categories, but when you’re ready to build your first product you can start with one of these templates. As it were to get an idea of the flow, how much content you should have and it’s all obviously changeable. So it just created a mini course for me that has five posts. Welcome aboard post three lessons and then a call to act or you know what’s at the end. So let’s take a look at what this looks like. We click preview this is what our mini course actually looks like to the user. So we have a banner here, we could change probably. And then they’re gonna see these things and what the thumbnails that’ll help them know what to do. So the welcome aboard they could click on and that will be a video. And they can see the lesson one after that could be a video or it could be just a post. It could have downloadable PDF. So this is kind of like PRE created for you.

So you’re like okay I get a feel for what it looks like. And now we could go into welcome aboard post and we could upload a video. That we shot to say hey thanks for joining the awesome mini course. In this course you’re gonna learn X Y & Z. We could put a poster image if you’re not going to have a video that will replace that video. We can add some downloads like hey download the workbook below. It’s a PDF they can print out or it can be a downloadable audio training. Whatever you want you can change the text on what it says etc, so you can update your mini course here and then of course for your lessons. You can upload videos for lesson 1, lesson 2. If you needed to add a new lesson under this course content, you could click plus and say I want to add a post add a 4th lesson, at a fifth lesson. Let’s say you want to have different categories. Let’s say it’s more than a mini course and you want to create. You know module one has three videos which should be maybe this. But maybe you’ll create a new category for like module two. So we’ll call it module two and that shows up right below. This one we’ll rename this instead of course contents we’ll rename it module one, because this is gonna be a bigger course. Let’s say so now we go back to mini course, so we got module 1 and then module 2. We can add like three or four videos to this. Not only that you can customize the course use a different theme right now it’s using the premiere theme. Which is the default theme but let’s pick a different theme for our course. Let’s create, let’s use this one let’s install it. So now we have another thing to choose from, let’s activate the lagoon eita now. Let’s preview what our course looks like under this theme okay same course, but now I see it’s a little bit bigger here, we can upload a different image. I’ll have a little more text here and then we’ll have the categories. And we can tweak it from there, so once you’ve,really got stuff populated you can change the theme of course and see how your course looks different to your end user. Which is what it’s all about a user experience. So you can build your products here and as you can see when we go to all products this is what we just built this one. Called mini course which I don’t need anymore. So I can delete let’s go into let’s say total home recording for example this one has a lot more content. So you can see it’s got a welcome category. A start here category then it’s got a bunch of videos, if you look at this one it’s got the video uploaded. It’s got a poster image a little description right. So you can see what that looks like. These are all the videos inside of this course okay. Now you can make as many products as you need her as you want. But then the real power is in something called offers. This is one thing that I love about kajabi are the different ways. You can know put things together so, what you could do is have. For example, I’ve got you could have an offer for each product. But I also have an offer for a bundle ok this is my radio ready system. This is a bundle that I sell and it has multiple products included. So this is an offer that you give the offer the name and I’ll so you could call it like your. You know your Christmas bundle or your all access bundle. Let’s say you wanted to bundle a bunch of products together so mine’s got a name. But the offer is just a price and a name and then it says well what products do they get. If they buy that offer well they’re gonna get in university they’re gonna get rethink. Your room total home recording the jump so series. They’re gonna get all these products when they buy this offer you can change the price of the offer. And it’s all gonna deliver these products. When they buy the offer not only that every offer you create and kajabi gives you a chance for a one click upsell. What is this? This is they’ve already entered their credit card information. To say they want to buy your thing the moment they click buy it takes them to a page. If you have this, and setup that says hey you here’s a video wait a second thanks for joining. Real quick I want to offer you something else in this case. I’ve got a free month of one of my memberships recording revolution VIP. Which is normally $60 a year. So it’s hey thanks for buying. The radio ready system would you like to get a free month of my VIP community and join thousands of other people. Like you and get you know encouragement get feedback network and get all these mini courses. You can one click add it to your cart or no thanks and they have a chance, to say yes. And they’ll be charged or in this case they get a free trial and then they’ll be charged. Or they can say no, they do not have to enter their credit card information anymore. They do not have to type anything they just click yes or no. And you can upsell to any other course into a membership into private coaching into. Whatever you want to do one-click upsell is incredible. You also get a lot of you know features after they purchase what do you want to do. Do you want to send them an email. You can send them a default email, you can send them a custom email like;
“hey you, just join my radio ready system I’m so pumped for you here’s what I want you to do” next you can have them connect to your third party email provider. I’m using convertkit so it says, hey when somebody buys this this offer I want you to add them to my email list under this specific category. So I know that they bought this okay and I can always email them later. And then I want you send them to a thank you page remember those pages. I showed you a second ago that you can make inside kajabi for free. Well I made one called the radio ready system.

Thank You page and I want them to be sent to that immediately. After they purchase it has a video for me that, welcomes them and tells them what to expect and how to use the radio ready system. It’s pretty cool so you can control all of that in offers. So if you think about you could have let three products, let’s say. But unlimited offers because you have offers for different price points. You could have a same product but it’s a payment plan offer right you could have a bundling of products. You could have a different price you could have a product that also comes with coaching. You could have whatever you want. So this is where you can mix and match and try different things based of, what is the best way to sell your product. So it’s not just your basic one offer for your product. Again it could be your product at different price points with different tiers, and they get different things. This is one of the powerful things. About kajabi is you can get really creative with your offers for your products okay. So that’s products and offers is probably going to spend most of your time. Now under marketing this is where you can create different pipelines. Okay pipelines are like an entire against system of a sales page that leads to a product, or a webinar or you can do things on your own. So you could create let’s say a new pipeline and it’s like what do you want to do. Do you want offer? Just a freebie this would be like your opt-in. Do you want to offer? So novio is like opt in value offer right. So if they opt in you want to add value with like a zoom webinar, and then pitch them a product. Afterwards you could do that, so you could see what’s inside of this pipeline. When it’s going to create all these pages for you can create a registration page for your webinar and a confirmation page. And then it’s gonna pre-write some emails for emails that are going to say, “hey our webinars coming up” then you’re going to have the actual event page is going to build that and then five emails. Afterwards that pitch a sales page for a product so let’s say you have amazing course. You wanted to sell for 300 bucks but you wanted it to teach people some of the content for free in an hour. Long webinar for free you already got that all set up this thing will create all of these pages. And emails and sign ups for you and one click and then you go in and edit it all. Of course edit the name and the logo of different images. Actually prepare your zoom webinar upload your product connect it to your offer. It’s amazing you can start with all of these pipelines right coaching campaign. You can make one from scratch of course so this will connect products offers and emails. All together for you which is pretty incredible kajabi also does email. So you can do email campaigns this could replace MailChimp or convertkit for you. If you want I haven’t moved everything over because it’s pretty complex right. Now but there’s people that are using this just for everything. You could do all your emails the very least I use it to send emails to the people that buy my courses. I have like welcome onboarding sequences, so if you buy one of my products or you buy a big thing or you join a membership you’re gonna. Get a series of emails that are pre written that say, “hey welcome to my VIP community” and day one here’s. What I want you to do, I want you to introduce yourself upload your profile pic and comment on one person’s post and the next dates. I had day two I want you to check out the mini courses and so on and so forth. So you can create a bunch of different emails. It can be one time email. Just email everybody who bought a course to update them. Let them know that you’ve added a new video module or that you’re selling them a new thing but they might like. Because they bought this thing or again like it could be pre-written email sequences. Just like you would have in MailChimp or convertkit or wherever which are great. When somebody buys something to onboard them you can have events okay. Events are we going to have one-time live webinars or you can have on auto webinar. That they can join every 15 minutes over 30 minutes forms are your opt-ins. You can create opt-ins for your any of your lead magnets okay. So I’ve got a mixing checklist opt-in. I’ve got an opt-in for a course that’s got a waiting list right I’ve got two opt-in for different lead magnet. My audio income guy my studio gear guide right different opt-ins as all these are that you can connect to your email provider. If you don’t use kajabi for email, it’s all here and these opt-ins can be tied to different landing pages. So you can have a landing page and when they opt-in please put them. On this form and then on this form, connected to convert kit and this. And then this free guide it’s all there for you. One of my favorite things about kajabi is the people. Tab the people tab show everybody who has opted in for something. It could have just been for your freebie. It could be a product anybody who is in kajabi for whatever reason is here. And this is great so, if somebody emails you and they have a question about something. You’re not sure what products they’ve purchased. You could simply type in their email right and see what they’ve got. So let’s see if my emails in here okay. So there I am and you can see what purchases they’ve made okay. These are all test offers to purchase my own offer and you can see what products this person has. I’ve got a few my products you can see what their progress is, and this is where you can grant them a new offer. If you wanted to give them a product for free, just because you want to be kind this is where you can revoke a product. If they refund is where you can refund them this is where you can leave notes. Like this guy is a jerk, and he always asks for a lot of stuff or this person is amazing and I gave them a free course. Because they’re a military veteran and whatever you can leave a note about the person. You can see their life cycle what did they. When did they opt-in what do they do next oh then. They bought this course went to this webinar. You can see everything about this person, because it keeps track of everything. Which is incredible you can edit their details, you can send them a password. If they can’t remember their password you can hide them you can mute them. If they’re leaving too many mean comments you can delete them or you can again grant them offers. Which is you can give them products and services I love the people section of kajabi. You also have affiliates, so what you can do this. If you want other people to sell your products for you promote them to their audience and you give them a cut.

Let’s say 50% of the course sale you can create affiliate links here for your products. And then other people can sell your products and you can keep track of all their conversion. Other sales so that you can pay them out by PayPal or whatever later it’s all in side of kajabi. So again at its core kajabi gives you an opportunity to create products courses memberships. Communities create offers sell them at different price points with different payment plans. Or free trials or with discount codes create sales pages create landing pages to hide free content bonus. Content to host webinars you can do live YouTube live webinars or zoom webinars. You can do auto webinars, you can create your skip remove main website. You can create sales pages for your products, of course you can email your customers. You can keep track of your customers, you can do all of this stuff inside of kajabi. Because it is everything an online business owner needs. I even sell coaching through kajabi where they don’t actually get any kind of course. But it handles all of my payment, it handles all the credit card stuff and had those payment plans. And it allows me to create some landing pages to upload our recorded calls later. If they want to go back and reference all this can be done inside a kajabi, and it’s super flexible, always being updated they’re adding new features. All the time your price stays the same every month which is incredible. So for you if you’re creating any kind of online business, or if you’d like we’re like me already had online business. We’re selling stuff for years and you want to simplify your process move it to kajabi. It’s game changing I’ve been on kajabi since 2013. But this version of kajabi came out in 2015 and it’s been a game changer. And it’s only made my business more profitable. It’s made easier, it’s made more fun and more creative. Because now I’m thinking of new ways to create content for my users. And again like I mentioned at the beginning of the video. If you want to try it out which is the best way to do it try it out for free normally. They give a 14-day free trial. But I have a link below here where you can get a 28 day free trial, and get access to their 28-day challenge videos. Which I think are going to be really helpful for you. Because they’re going to help you walk through a lot of what I showed you with step-by-step. Fashion to build your first product and get it launched in 28 days. Again full disclosure it’s an affiliate link so that, if you end up joining and you like it then your price is the same. Whether you join through that link or not but if you join through this link it does support me feel free to use it. If you want to support me if you don’t no hard feelings, again I’ve been telling people to use kajabi for years even before they had an affiliate program. I love this platform. I run multiple businesses on this platform, and I can’t recommend it enough. Wherever you sign up for it or whenever you sign up for it. It’s worth it for you because, it will simplify your life that’s it for today’s video. Thanks for watching. what I say is leave me a comment below. If you’re using kajabi let me know your favorite feature of kajabi. I always love to know how people are using kajabi. If you are thinking to build your own kajabi website then you can contact us through live chat or contact page . We are professional web designers and developers and hope we can give you best service.

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